Executive Search Service:

This is a service reserved for key, senior positions where we would first get a comprehensive brief from the client as to the individual and specific role they are looking to fill. Fluid Power Recruitment would then utilise their specific industry knowledge and experience gained over 30 years to seek out the most suitable candidate for the client’s position. This could come from a targeted advertising campaign, the promotion of the vacancy on key industry job sites or direct contact with selected executives who are known by us to be passive. We understand that in many cases the vacancy within an organisation for a senior position may need to be kept confidential, therefore a discreet campaign can be offered to protect the client’s anonymity so far as the industry is concerned. Only at a later stage would candidates be informed (with the client's consent) of their vacancy and package details.

Please contact us for a private and confidential discussion regarding your requirements.

Fluid Power Recruitment's terms and conditions can be obtained on request for any of the services listed here, please email us for full details.